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Driveways, Sidewalks & Concrete Cleaning in San Diego, CA

Why Pressure Wash My Concrete Surfaces?

Regularly cleaning your driveways, sidewalks and concrete surfaces helps ensure your property is maintained and in good condition. Cleaning concrete periodically will also extend its service life and enhance its beauty. Perhaps the best reason to keep your concrete clean are the health benefits. Concrete pressure washing helps to remove accumulated dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other unwanted substances.  By keeping your concrete surfaces clean, you reduce the potential for these harmful substances to be tracked into your home, avoiding health issues. 

Our Unique Surface Concrete Cleaning Process

Concrete is porous like a sponge, making response time critical to treating and removing stains.  Many stains can’t be removed if you wait too long. Grease, oil, and hydraulic stains on driveways are the most common, and can usually be removed with ease within 24 hours.  At PPS, we strive to respond to calls regarding a fresh spill within 24 hours and also provide Emergency Clean Up Services.


When it comes to removing concrete stains, PPS concrete cleaning San Diego, CA rises above the competition with wet steam. Many companies do not have the capability of emitting hot water in excess of 225 degrees. By using 250 degree water to emulsify oils and greases flushing them away, PPS has the clear advantage.

The Benefits of Acid Washing 

In remote cases, the cautious process known as acid washing is used for extremely stubborn stains that can not be removed by other methods.  PPS understands this and is experienced in using this last resort method when applicable. 

Acid washing when done right is an effective method used on non-acid sensitive surfaces such as granite, sandstone, slate, brick, and unglazed architectural terra cotta, cast stone, and also concrete. Most commercial acidic cleaners are composed primarily of hydrofluoric acid, and often include phosphoric acid to prevent rust-like stains from developing on the masonry after the cleaning.


PPS utilizes a more mild combination of acid and water.  The surface is kept wet while the acid is allowed to “work.”  Once the stain is removed, the surface is thoroughly flushed with hot water and ammonia. Doing so helps ensure the acid is neutralized. The concrete surfaces are then properly sealed to prevent fluids from becoming embedded into the surface.


Contact PPS to discuss restoring and cleaning your San Diego concrete surfaces today!

Reduce Health Risks by Keeping it Clean

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