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Decks, Porches
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Is Pressure Washing My Decks & Porches

Really Necessary?

Pressure washing is an essential practice of any homeowner with a deck, fencing, or a porch. It's also beneficial to maintaining the look and durability of your structures.  In addition to the elements, children and pets can leave muddy footprints all over your structures causing this grime to seep into the wood. Once this happens, the wood is softened and can potentially lead to cracking and splitting, mold, and mildew growth.  Pressure washing is a great way to remedy surface damage.  Much like concrete surfaces, keeping your decks and porches clean is essential to avoid potential health issues and keep your property looking good.

Reasons to Hire a Professional 

PPS has witnessed inflicted damage to wood decks caused by inappropriately using harsh chemicals, inappropriate tools, the wrong nozzle, or by applying too much pressure. Attempting to clean your deck on your own can lead to undesirable and
expensive consequences.  Before beginning the project, PPS researches the type of wood or stone cleaner to use, and the distance the spray tip should be from the surface of the item to be cleaned. We also perform a spray pattern test on a hidden area of the deck, fencing or porch to avoid damaging the surface before cleaning.

Once the safety test is complete, PPS will apply the appropriate pressure washing cleaner using a low-pressure soap nozzle.  If needed, a utility brush is used to scrub the solution in tight corners.  For stubborn stains, PPS uses a rotating scrub brush attachment to ensure a concentrated effort is made to remove the stain.


Unlike other companies, PPS will not work on surfaces that are hot or in direct sunlight. We also work with the grain of the wood  to avoid streaking or unwanted marks. Time is not of the essence, the quality of work is.

Pressure washing your deck, porch or fencing is a complex job. Contact PPS today to help beautify your property.  

Protect & Reverse Surface Damage 

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