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Pressure Washing

Safeguarding Your Investment & Health

Scheduling a regular residential pressure washing for your home is imperative when it comes to protecting your investment, health, and avoiding hefty costs in the future.  Built-up dirt, grime, mud, silt, and other debris can eat away at the brick, concrete, wood, and other exterior materials. Living in San Diego, California has its perks, except when it comes to the potential for mold and algae to grow in our cool coastal environment. Other contaminants likely to accumulate on your home’s exterior surfaces include soot and grime from machinery, heavy trucks, and airplanes. Homes located near busy highways, production facilities, warehouses, and industrial areas are subject to thicker contaminate coverage. Removing this dangerous accumulation with a yearly pressure washing helps keep your family and your pets from getting sick.

A Professional Approach for Your Asset

Choosing a PPS professional to pressure wash your home means choosing assurance.  We go the extra mile to ensure no surfaces on your property are damaged and that everything is cleaned thoroughly and adequately. 


Residential pressure washing requires the right machine and attachments, as well as specific detergents designed for various surfaces. PPS has the tools necessary to get your home looking its best. Our equipment is capable of producing the strength needed to remove the dirt and grime covering your property without damaging exterior surfaces.  We specialize in cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces like pitted surfaces such as concrete, or stucco.

Contact PPS  to make pressure washing a consistent part of your maintenance routine and refresh your home's curb appeal today.  

PPS is Ready to Protect Your Investment 

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