Staining & Sealing

Renew Your Concrete Surfaces &

Repair Cracks

PPS performs basic stain and seal services on exterior concrete surfaces such as driveways, porches, patio decks, and sidewalks.

Decorative concrete is taking the building industry by storm as people discover how creative concrete finishes can provide a durable, beautiful alternative to tearing out and replacing existing slabs. New concrete slabs may cost $10,000.00!

Repairing minor cracks, staining, using fresh colors, then sealing the surface is much more affordable. How well your decorative concrete project will turn out has a lot to do with how you seal it and who you choose to do the work. A clear seal can be used for acid stained concrete to achieve a high-gloss, upscale shine.

There is a variety of high, medium, and low gloss sealers available that can also be placed over dyed concrete to maintain the many vibrant colors. Concrete sealer can be used to preserve any concrete work of art in any color and any finish.

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Concrete Coloring

Concrete stain embeds the surface to color it translucently. Stained concrete is a cost-effective and versatile way to upgrade the look of both new and existing patios. With a stained concrete patio, you have the ability to add subtle hints of color, bolder design accents, and even custom graphics. Stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, producing fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike paint, the color will not flake off or peel away.

There are endless decorative effects you can achieve when using acid or water-based stains to spice up the look of your patio. Sometimes the best approach is to keep it simple, using just one stain color in a hue that will complement your home or landscape.

The most popular stain colors are natural earth tones. These colors in combination or on their own help create a look for your patio that will complement the surrounding areas. If your patio is stamped to look like a different material, such as wood or stone, a natural colored stain can make the pattern more realistic.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete is one of the toughest materials around. However, if not cared for properly water can seep into the slab and may corrode the supporting metal within. Water can also cause damage when temperatures drop. The water expands as it freezes which can cause additional damage.

Applying a good quality sealer will keep the water from seeping into the slab, and protect the surface from salts and other chemicals that can wear away the surface.

It is much easier and more cost-effective to apply a new coat of sealer than it is to remove a damaged slab and then and re-pour a new one. New sealers can be applied at any time. A concrete sealer can be applied to a new slab or be used to give new life to an older slab.

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Add a Creative Finish & Repair Cracks