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Going Above and Beyond | A Review from Casa Vista Villas Condos

PPS Pressure Washing strives for Pride in Performance with EVERY job completed, we go ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty.

Ian Murdock's recent review regarding pressure washing and maintenance services for Casa Vista Villas Condos illustrates just that!

"I have been on this HOA board for about 13 years and, consequently, I have a lot of experience dealing with contractors and maintenance workers. Having said that, not only would I strongly recommend Phil and his company PPS, I would say you are doing yourself a great disservice if you chose not to hire him."

Thank you Ian for the kind words and for choosing PPS for your Condo's maintenance and pressure washing needs!

We greatly appreciate our customers reaching out as it helps other customers know about the quality of work PPS does.

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FULL Review:

These were some of the basic issues that I could not - with a clear conscience - tell residents “sorry you will have ‘decent’ lighting when our handyman becomes available.” Obviously, such an answer was, and still is, unacceptable.

In October of last year (2020), I finally posted a few of my needs on Home Advisor and, within just a few days, I received a reply from Phil - the owner of PPS, a power washing related business. We set up a time to speak on the phone and I was able to layout more explicitly some of my needs. While the general nature of his business was clear - pressure washing houses, cleaning rain gutters, decks, and steps (as he ultimately did for our complex, the hallway walls included, and something we will need to perform every 1-2 years) - during our discussion, I also asked him to let me know what other items that I was listing he was capable of doing and, more importantly, willing to do.

We decided on the phone that it would now be best to have him come out to the complex and for us to meet - this [meeting] also providing him an opportunity to walk around with me and look at some of the many pending issues, as I can rarely recall all of them until we are visually looking at, and around, the buildings.

My initial phone call with Phil was extremely professional, cordial, and productive, and our eventual meeting and perusal of our complex - which he quickly arranged to be just a couple of days later - was equally so. Outside of power washing jobs, we discussed many other small to medium size projects that needed attention. I asked Phil to let me know which of these he felt capable of handling - in spite of their divergence from his main business, some of the items he immediately, and very honestly, admitted were outside of his skill set. Others he acknowledged he was capable of handling and interested in doing so, while a couple he stated he would have to ponder before rendering a decision.



In the end, I realized I had found someone very capable of handling many of these small and medium-size projects that were basic, but essential to the complex remaining safe, as well as aesthetically appealing. As I noted above, Phil’s power washing business was his primary area, but the next project he tackled for us - after doing the inside community hallway steps and walls - was cleaning our community carpets in the building hallways, a task that was still somewhat in the same periphery of his core business. He did a spectacular job, equally as good as any big-name carpet cleaner we had used in the past - for less money.

Now, a couple of months later, they still look phenomenal, and he offered to vacuum them every couple of months, or as needed, to help maintain the “clean and fresh” look - until the next cleaning is required. Like any old building, regular maintenance provides longevity to any bigger money that has already been spent. In a nutshell, Phil’s first two jobs for us established not only his capabilities and skills but, even more importantly, in my view, his incredible work ethic and attention to detail - sadly, something that is more and more elusive and hard to find these days.

His next project was going to be a real test, as it was completely outside the scope of his power washing business: replacing some termite eaten community hallway railings - one of which was a real safety concern. I cannot fully express how exceptional Phil was with helping to troubleshoot and remedy this issue. He spent several hours, both on the phone with me and on his own, helping me research the options we might pursue to complete this project - as we discussed pressure-treated wood or “composite” as possible avenues, along with other variables. He spent time with me on the phone as we simultaneously examined pictures on the computer of these options. Normally, I can assure you, I am doing this research on my own.


Once we decided on the pressure treated wood - a number of variables contributing to that decision - we also concluded that we would repair and replace only the very badly damaged and safety issue railing first, and see how it worked out, before committing to do the other two. Phil picked up the material we needed and did a beautiful job replacing it at an extremely reasonable price. Having been his first attempt at this type of work at our place, and not knowing the exact nature of our building structure and what he was going to encounter, we both knew and discussed the fact that the first railing of course would take longer to repair and replace - not a surprise to either of us or at all unexpected. Now knowing the scenario, his replacement of the next two took much less time. He stained the wood as well as replaced the stucco finish of the walls that needed to be damaged in order to replace the railings. He then repainted the stucco the color of our existing building. I should also add that he leaves the work areas clean and spotless after he’s done. To state that we are ecstatic about the job he did on the railings, and the quality of his work overall, would be a large understatement.


Phil has performed a few other projects as well, including repairing some wrought iron railings on our hallway steps that were loose, as well as other railings throughout the complex with the same issue.

I will summarize my comments by stating that Phil is fully licensed and insured - which, in my experience, is quite a rare occurrence when seeking a handyman - and his service, professionalism, attention to detail, and his willingness and ability to address and resolve these issues in a timely manner, the last element being one of the biggest issues our Association was having a problem with, are unparalleled.

As I said initially, I have been on this HOA board for about 13 years and, consequently, I have a lot of experience dealing with contractors and maintenance workers. Having said that, not only would I strongly recommend Phil and his company PPS, I would say you are doing yourself a great disservice if you chose not to hire him. Aside from this testimonial above, I would be more than happy to speak to anyone directly over the phone to provide a further reference or referral, if you are considering hiring Phil. Personally, I’m quite confident that Phil will be assisting me with dealing with our many Association’s issues for years to come.


Ian Murdock

Board Member - Casa Vista Villas

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