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Remove those OLD Stains in the New Year!

Oil stains are perhaps the most challenging to remove.

Contacting a #pressurewashing professional and following these tips as soon as the stain happens will greatly increase your ability to remove them.

1. As soon as a spill occurs, use an absorbent

2. Disburse the absorbent over the spill and let it soak up as much oil as possible

3. Remove the contaminated absorbent

4. Apply fresh coats until as much oil as possible is absorbed

5. Call a professional like PPS to finish the clean up process ☑️

Types of Absorbent:

Kitty Litter

Oil Dry



Saw Dust

Oil Absorbent Mats


Baking Soda

Laundry Detergent

For more great tips or help removing your oil stains call 619.920.0620 or visit www.pps pressure today!

Wishing everyone a GREAT #NewYear!


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